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SWF McDowell Case Erector - Item #7883

Item is a used, SWF McDowell, automatic, hot melt case erector. Min/max case range is 5.75" L x 5.75"W x 10"H / 24"L x 24"W x 33"H. Machine is rated at up to 30 CPM depending on carton size and board characteristics. Machine dimensions are 88" long x 68" wide x 64" high. Push button controls. Machine is equipped with Dynatek hot melt glue system. Some spare maintenance parts included. Power requirement is 230 volt/3-phase/60hz.

CVC Pressure Sensitive labeler - Item #7853

Item is a used CVC Technologies, model 300 II pressure sensitive spot/wrap labeler. The machine is equipped with an infeed timing helix and is set up for #4 wind. Conveyor is 4" wide delrin table top. Power requirement is 120 volt/single phase.

WEXXAR Hot Melt Case Erector - Item #7758

Item is a used, WEXXAR, fully automatic, hot melt case erector.. Machine utilizes patented pin/dome system, no vacuum utilized on the forming jaws for positive carton squaring. Machine is equipped with a Nordson Pro Blue hot melt glue system. Case range 7.25" x 18" long, 7.25" x 14" wide, 6" x 15" deep. Machine run tested. Machine is rated at up 20 CPM depending on carton size and board characteristics. Power requirement is 230 volt, 3 phase.

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Ager Tank & Equipment offers a wide range of good-quality new and used commercial pharmaceutical equipment from kettles, air cleaners, and accumulation tables to sealers and labelers, suited to startup businesses as well as expanding pharmaceutical manufacturers and resellers— at a fair price.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you need on our site, please send us an email (or call 503-222-7079) with details and we will help you find it.

And if you’re upgrading, let us know — we buy good-quality used commercial pharmaceutical equipment too!