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WS Packaging Label Applicator - Item #7580

Item is a used, WS Packaging model ASD Compact label applicator. The machine is mounted on a S/S, "T" base stand for mobility and includes the powered back belt.It has an AB Micrologix control panel with stepper motor drive system and operates on 110 volt, single phase power. It is set up for a #4,wind, LH machine. It is capable of applying a 6" high label.

wittemann 3" Pinpoint Carbonator - Item #7412

Item is a used wittemann Pinpoint Carbonator. The namplate is missing from the manufacturers tag but this unit apprears to be the 3" unit offered by Wittemann Hasselberg. End fittings are set up with reducers to 2" tri clamp quick disconnect. This machine was used in a regional brewery and is represented in good shape. Manufacturers description includes: Wittemann 3″ Pinpoint Carbonator Model: 3" "Designed for highest CO2 saturation, and gas-to-liquid bonding. Micro-porous, stainless steel injector plates disperse very fine, 5-9 micron-size bubbles. Beer passes across the plates as a thin liquid film, immediately receiving full CO2 saturation. The foam head remains stable over long time periods; when the head does recede, CO2 saturation continues to hold at a high level. Max capacity: Approx 350 barrels / 181 gpm Simple in-line installation, in either vertical or horizontal line runs. Suited for not only beer, but water, soda, and wine. Also used for nitrogen injection ad wort aeration."

Little David Case Taper - Item #7598

Item is a used, Loveshaw/Little David model LD-3SB2, semi-automatic case taper.. This is a side belt drive machine set up for 2" wide tape. Side belt design accommodates sealing small or unstable (even empty) cartons. Power requirement is 120 VAC. (NO COMPRESSED AIR REQUIREMENT) (Was mated to ITEM #7552 - BelCor 505 case erector)

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If you are interested in starting a commercial water process operation or in expanding existing capabilities, Ager Tank & Equipment can help. We offer a large range of good-quality new and used commercial water bottling machinery, from tanks, pumps and conveyors to fillers, chillers, labelers and case handing equipment. And all at a fair price.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you need on our site, please send us an email (or call 503-222-7079) with details and we will help you find it.

And if you’re upgrading, let us know — we buy good-quality used commercial water bottling equipment too!